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23 June 2010 @ 12:54 pm
Mizushima Hiro~

Oh my god! I think im totally in love about this man~*i cant say thath he is a boy~~*
i cant think clearly if i saw his handsome face!!!

The first time i saw him was when i watch hanakimi.
His act as a playboy is reaaally awesome! But, i didn't realize yet abaout this man.*i paid attention at Shunchan*
and then, i saw him at zettai kareshi! He looked reaaaallllyyyy handsome!!! I just looked at him when i watched that dorama~

And, after i watch meichan no shitsuji, IM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!
The Shibata Rihito is reaaaaaaaallllyyyy like a prince for me~
*nosebleed*. His expressions is really deep~ Ohh... im speechless~ hahaha

His act in Tokyo dogs was also awesome! A playboy again.. He looks more manly there. He suited well with Shun~

He is also a gentle man, i think. He married with ayaka, athough he was young *soo many actors dont want to get married when they are sttill young* *is 25 years old  young>??* And, he didnt leave ayaka although he knew ayaka is sick..
Oh my god!! I really in love with this boy!!!
*im sorry ryo~ Im cheating you again*

i love Hiro soooooooo~~~
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