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22 June 2010 @ 09:30 pm
Aragaki Yui~  

Yesterday, i found that Gakky sang chiisana koi no uta!Of course she recycled it from Mongol800
I love this song sooo~
The first time i heard this song, when i watched Proposal daisakusen, and suddenly i wanna cry~
And everytime when i heard this song, i wanna cry alot!
I think this song is really similiar with my love story~

She looks sooo beautiful in her Pv~ The PV is soo unique.. She sang it without music first in the car, and then so many people *mybe her fans* waited her outside while sang the song!Her voice is sooo soft and lovely~
Unfortunately, i cant find the Mongol800 Pv.. Mybe they didnt make the PV~
But i really looove this song~
I never feel bored when i heard this song!

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