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03 February 2011 @ 06:52 am
GACKT is awesome!  
Uwaaa.~ Lately im being the fans of GACKT-sama! Hi is sooo adorable~ I love him.

The first time i saw him was when i watched MR.BRAIN , he was being the cast in 3rd episode. His act was so... what must i say? PERFECT, i think that's rite. PERFECT!

Then, i saw him in VS ARASHI, he was sooo adorable and cute! When he said "1ban to 2ban hoshii na* with a cute expression, i cant control my self again. I wanna kiss him!!!

I decided to be GACKT fans 3 days ago. So my collection is still minim. I hope i can complete my collection about him soon! *i hope so!*